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Originally Posted by HostXNow View Post
I choose vBulletin 5 because it's tried and tested, been around for a very long time and not going anywhere soon.
That's what Blackberry used to think, too.
Just because something has been out for too long, doesn't mean it is going to be there tomorrow.
Not at all saying that vB is going out, I really don't want it to, but a little innovation won't hurt.

Originally Posted by HostXNow View Post
I'm think I'm 95% sure vBulletin isn't going anywhere and probably a good 75% sure XenForo isn't going anywhere, so either of those is a good choice, IMO.
I'd actually place XenForo at same percentage as vBulletin. That team is committed, the development community is extremely engaged and XenForo is so customizable it often becomes the choice for enterprise as well.
But, it is still a traditional forum platform and as such depends on market adoption rate and response to stay in business. What is evident is how many big boards (1million+ posts) are migrating from vB to XF. There are a number of full time developers that make a living on that kind of work, which is telling.

But I agree. I've owned close to 10 vBulletin licenses and it used to be the one and only platform I'd consider for any community idea I've had. Things have drastically changed in 10 years. But I think it is awesome that there is competition between software products, as they push each other to build better products.
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