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As someone that likes pie (business), I have two views and they're polar opposite.

I love the idea of the whole pie. This allows me to put whip cream on it if I want to, or add ice cream.. mmmmm.... I can do ANYTHING I want with the pie, including taking two bites and then throwing it out

Now, with a pie being shared at the table, and my designation being a small section of it (I only chipped in $0.10 for a $10.00 pie), I'm completely at the mercy that some other person at the table doesn't say "I'm going to slather butter all over this pie". Sure I get a piece of the pie, but do I really want it? Maybe I can resell it

So keeping with the food the thought I'll expose you to my dinner arrangements with my wife

9 out of 10 times, what I order and what she orders are completely different. However, once the food arrives at the table and she sees my dinner, she instinctivly says that she really wants what I have, and then proceeds to dig a fork into my steak. I'm a nice guy, so she can have a piece.

Desert, we have an agreement that if we order one, we EACH order one, but agree to share it. If others are at the table, we share with them too.

I LOVE going to restaurants with 4 or 6 people and each of us order a dessert. We all get a small piece of 6 different pies - and that's really worth the effort. Yes, someone is going to take a larger piece, but you get a taste.

So, small sections of multiple pies - count me in!

I love having 100% of the pie, don't get me wrong, but the problem is if you take a few bites tonight, you might get some more tomorrow, but after that, it's pretty much trash. So you're left doing all the work of getting a pie, but you really only ate 25% of it. Was it worth it? Wouldn't it have been better to have access to a new pie slice each night - enjoy your slice, and not have to worry about consequences.

Did I go off track?
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