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Originally Posted by WPCYCLE View Post

I too used my providers TOS in the past, BUT I asked them beforehand and they had no problem with it as long as it reflected my business and had my name on it. They quickly looked it over and approved, and then I also had it looked over legally. No point reinventing a wheel that was already worked.
Yes always ask first and any good host will have no problem in you using their policies.
Having them legally checked is also a wise move, when i started in 1999 i knew the manager of our local Trading Standards Dept. personally and i asked his advise on a point i wanted to add regarding terminations and no refunds. he told me he would get one of the team look over them fully and check they complied with current legislation. they come back within a week and then amount of work i had to do it was like a rewrite, with bits removed, bits added , wording changed, but at least i knew they we legally correct, now if i need to make any amendments i just email them over to them and they give me a yes or no or a better way of putting it.
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