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Originally Posted by HostXNow View Post
I'm think I'm 95% sure vBulletin isn't going anywhere and probably a good 75% sure XenForo isn't going anywhere, so either of those is a good choice, IMO.
I'd reverse those percentages. Sites are moving and starting up on Xenforo small and big (DigitalPoint etc) yet, I rarely see a vBulletin 5 forum these days. It seems they're basically running on vB3 renewals (and thats probably low considering most people won't renew since well, there are no updates for this version?). So we leave it to vB4 renewals and the few vB5 renewals/orders (I rarely see a vB5 site).

Little back story:
Internet Brands acquired vBulletin and wanted to get a quicker ROI. To do so, they wanted v4 to be based on v3 whereas the lead devs wanted to start from the ground up. Said lead devs left vBulletin to start Xenforo (yeah, if they let them start from the ground up, vB4 would probably have been what Xenforo is right now!).

Internet Brands, they are a company that owns a lot of sites online. A lot of forums. I went on their site and opened up 10 random forums that they own (bare in mind, they also own vBulletin). 9 sites were running vBulletin 3. 1 site was running vBulletin 4. 0 sites were running vBulletin 5.

If they are not even updating to their own product, how can they expect others to stick around?
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