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Originally Posted by Harv45 View Post
To an extent, if I asked a provider to explain "abc" then I expects them to explain "abc" until I am able to understand it.

If not then I don't want them anyways.
Yes, but then you know they have actually read them to ask about them, but for some reason not a lot of people will actually read them, but tick the box to say they agree to them.

It is the same with Facebook Groups.

i have a group and a pinned post which the first line is 'No animals what so ever ( THIS INCLUDES DOGS AND CATS). Free or selling. Any posts giving away/selling animals will be removed and the person will be banned.'

and people still post animals for sale.

people just don't read terms these days, then moan or insult you if you penalise them for not adhering to them.
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