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This is a very tricky question, and there's no set 'proper' answer.
Can you get your money back ? Let's look at this from a non hosting perspective...

Let's say you have cable company A come in and install service (cable + internet). You use it for a couple weeks, but then realize that nah, you don't want it, for whatever reason.

Are you entitled to a refund? No. You used the service, so why should you be? Really, why?

Yet, it seems ok to do this in the hosting industry. Why is that? Why is it OK to use and abuse staff and services for a month, then claim "Give me my money back"? It's not!!

Now, here's the catch:
IF no service has been used at all, ever, that's a different story. Perhaps a refund (minus business costs, of course) is in order.However, that's got to be absolutely zero usage of the account, whatsoever. No storage, no hosting, no mail sent, nada!

Just my (highly overrated) 0.02
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