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I recently ran across a thread at that other place (hah) where individuals were still choosing Kayako, or other external systems over WHMCS, when it came to support, and I'm just curious. If you're not using WHMCS for support services, but ARE using WHMCS for other things, what is stopping you from using it?

Personally? I'm using it, and am implementing more things into an addon to benefit from it.. Things such as:
  1. Encrypted ticket fields (completed)
  2. Support Notifications via other methods (addon in sig)
  3. Auto watch tickets (completed)
  4. Auto assign on reply (completed)
  5. Ban user from support entirely (bad users happen) - under construction
  6. User reporting of ticket (bad responses from admins happen) - under construction
  7. User escalation of ticket - under construction
  8. User reassign ticket - under construction

I'm curious myself though, what is stopping you from using WHMCS as a support desk directly?

Not trying to promote my own stuff here, by any means, just trying to get feedback. How can the WHMCS support system be made better?
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