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Originally Posted by bigredseo View Post
Of course, we also provided HOURLY backups - so there was limited data loss should we have an SSD failure. Thankfully, we never had one!

Artashes can speak to the reliability and the backup service when we had an issue on the HostingDiscussion server. I don't recall the length of time on the outage, but it was fairly minimal because we had those hourly backups.
The way you ran your company I don't recall any issues at all, because most of the issues that might have happened were fixed before I could even notice.

It is this kind of proactive support that I was always in awe about and frankly I wish every hosting company was putting in that kind of effort into their tech infrastructure and service. It was pure spoilage to experience that level of hands on service as it is hard to accept anything less than that today.
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