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Hey guys,

Thanks, and thanks for the plug Artashes!

Video is something that I've been meaning to do for 3 years or more, but just never have the time.

Another big critical factor is that I'm overly critical of myself. So if I'm left in charge of editing a video, I'll trim that 5 minutes down to 30 seconds, and then trash it because I'm not happy

So instead, we have a gal locally ( who comes to the office, records the videos, edits them and sends them back to me for posting. If you have the money, *THIS* is the way to do it!

We have lots of videos coming. I think I'm set with videos twice per week until the end of May so far.

If you have questions that you want answered for SEO, drop me a note and I'll get it into the queue and push it sooner rather than later (aside from getting your own email response so you don't have to wait for the video).

If you haven't had a chance, the outtakes are much more fun I'll get one set uploaded here this week.
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