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Originally Posted by kunnusingh View Post
Blesta can Replace WHMCS by increasing reseller partner.

If Blesta will make more easy to resell their license and give good discounted price then it can replace WHMCS because of requirement of WHMCS reselling is now hard and also expensive for small business and you can't resell it to non-hosting client while Blesta allow to resale it to anyone.

If reseller will be increased then selling of Blesta will be increased, So I think Blesta should focus on increasing reseller.
Blesta is far easier to resell their licences.

With Blesta all you need is to purchase an owned Blesta licence and then sign up as a reseller which as a standard reseller you can sell to anyone

1-9 licences you get a 20% discount and you dont have to buy a min amount of licence.

with WHMCS you have to commit to purchase a min. 5 licences a month and only get 15% discount or 10 licences a month to get 20% discount.

so you get a better discount with Blesta and you have no monthly commitment.

But as far as a package, they have a bit to go before reaching WHMCS standards.
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