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Originally Posted by whmcsguru View Post
I've actually strongly considered writing an addon to WHMCS for this... Not the "I accept our terms part", that's good there, but the ability to

A> allow admins to have various terms (user agreement, AUP, per service terms, cancellation terms, etc), and require the user to agree to each of these...

B> Allow admins to actually modify said terms (obviously) inside of WHMCS

C> Allow the user's login to be checked each time. If their terms acceptance is out of date, then they need to re-accept before anything.

D> Allow for non payment of invoices (automatically) if the user hasn't accepted the updated terms. This could get ugly, but very good

This is just a thought in my head at this time, but it seems like a more effective way to get this done. Each time a user accepts the terms, their ip, time / date is recorded in the DB
This is a really good idea, let us know how it goes If you really do this don't stop just at TOS
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