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Originally Posted by Artashes View Post
The problem with those companies is that they hire "resumes", not hands on practical people who not only know the business inside-out, but who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty and do real work.
Exactly. They're looking for someone who's been to 'business school', not someone who knows the hosting industry in and out. If any real hosting expert were hired, that place would be cleaned up in a heartbeat.

Originally Posted by HostXNow View Post
Interesting. Probably be no change though, just a different name with CEO title.
Pretty much my thoughts exactly. It's just them trying to put a new face on the company that's been tanking in stocks for a couple years now..

Two years ago it was around $22/share. Now, it's not even a third of that, and it's been tanking quite heavily since then.

They need to put someone in that seat who knows what the hell they're doing, not someone who simply buys out big name companies
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