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Originally Posted by Artashes View Post
Jokes aside, if I were them, I'd hire you in an heartbeat.

The problem with those companies is that they hire "resumes", not hands on practical people
When I worked in corporate many many years ago, the mantra was "promote to the point of incompetence." So the idea being, if you don't want someone in your department, you made them shine, and they were promoted and moved to another department.

This is sadly the way many corporations work. I had a strict policy and still do, that I don't care what your piece of paper says - if you can do the work, you're hired. Whether you're 15 or 50, it comes down to results.

Now if EIG can get someone in there to turn things around (as mentioned, their stock peaked in April 2015 and has been dropping steadily since then.
Not even a dividend issued in more than a year - of course, it's hard to issue a dividend when you're bleeding cash!

The only time they increased their overall stock was when they aquired another company/division. They've had a -50% Return On Equity. (for every dollar I give them via stock, they have lost 50% of it, and no foreseable way to recover it either). That's pretty awful.
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