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Originally Posted by bigredseo View Post
Seems like this has been something going on for quite some time.

here's a thread from 4 years ago, looks to be dealing with the same problems. It's marked as "under consideration" but no timeline;

Pretty sad state when they don't offer sFTP ability.
yes it is sad and even this

As a DB grows, it becomes too big for a PHP script like the WHMCS cron to handle backing up due to the amount of data within it causing various server limits to be exceeded, usually around the 20MB mark. Unfortunately being big simply means that for a PHP script to loop through and save that data into temporary memory in order to generate a full backup is not possible - either the memory limits or max execution time limits on the server side of things will kick in way before that completes and terminate the script. So the only option at that stage is to look at using an alternative backup means such as WHM automated backups or manual phpMyAdmin exports.
why dont they do as they preach when a client has issues and tell you to increase the limits as daily activity could easily take up 20MB
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