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Originally Posted by whmcsguru View Post
WHMCS offers a backup. Don't want it? GREAT, then write your own script. It takes about 5 seconds to do. It's NOT WHMCS' job to wipe your tail end here. It's their job to provide a working billing client, nothing more.
I 100% agree that it's their job to provide a billing client. That's what we used it as. However, when they introduce extra things, such as backup, then it's their duty to ensure it's functional from a security point of view.

I've never used their backup system. I use the cPanel backup as a client, but never even did the incremental backups in WHM. We used r1soft and backed up all servers (and databases) every hour. Rarely had an issue.

The issue at hand is that WHMCS offers a backup solution, but provides a very insecure method. It would be better if they didn't provide any!
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