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Originally Posted by WPCYCLE View Post
If that is the case, then yes. If a person violates the TOS in any form, then a refund would not be issued, and in such cases, the host would cancel the account with an explanation...but that is not the scenario I presented.

I personally had a host not issue a refund due to no fault of mine...and with them advertising on their website and in public forums a refund would be issue with no issue....then there's no excuse to not issue the refund when requested. There's many threads of such instances. Funny enough, some hosts that did not issue the refund ended up closing down. A dishonest operation can only go so far.
also your scenario did not say if they had been a client of the host before and had already use the MBG, which would mean they cant claim under the MBG a second time

many reasons a host does not pay out on a MBG and as a MBG is a privilege and not a right under any law then you cannot do anything about it legally, but if a host has the money then they could sue you for libel if you post about them anywhere
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