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Originally Posted by WPCYCLE View Post
My examples did describe this. Both signed up, and both canceled within the MBG period. This would not apply to an existing customer since they would have passed the MBG period by weeks, months, or years.

How is it libel if it's the truth and there's evidence to support it?

If Host A lists a MBG in 30 days with no issues on their website which I have a screenshot of, on a public forum which I have a screenshot of, and within the TOS that I accepted that I also have a screenshot of, and I do not violate any rules within the TOS and ask for a refund 7 days within paying for the service...I am owed that refund. To come at me with lawyers for an account not worth lawyers fee is ridiculous, and I would not hire any lawyers for something that's not worth it.

The issue is principal...not the actual refund. If a host creates a legal case over a customers negative review about missing money, and the customer can prove it, who would be laughed at. That money could have been put towards advertising, better servers, or management consulting, but instead put towards an angry customer who lost money, then it shows the host doesn't understand business.
just pointing out various reasons why a refund is not given under a MBG regardless to what is written. Just because a host has something in their TOS does not mean it is legal or legally binding.
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