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We always accepted PayPal and rarely had an issue.

Back in the day, before PayPal became the giant they are, people associated PayPal as a poor mans credit card system. To some, if you accepted it (and only PayPal), you weren't a real business yet.

All that changed many years ago. Now PayPal is actually a Bank and is FDIC insured as a bank.

The only issue we ever had, and we had it twice, was that we had a client file a dispute, and PayPal froze our account until the dispute was settled 7-8 days later.

Normally, not an issue, HOWEVER, we were processing $30k/month via PayPal, and a chargeback from a client who paid $5 froze the entire balance. That's a big issue when you're trying to pay your datacenter etc to keep the machines online.

This happened twice with us. And there wasn't anything extra fishy, or any extra details. It was just a dispute and they froze everything. Still, it didn't stop us from using them. We just made sure to transfer funds every time we hit $5k or so.
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