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Originally Posted by bigredseo View Post

All that changed many years ago. Now PayPal is actually a Bank and is FDIC insured as a bank.
That all changed when they were bought by eBay and become eBay only payment method.

Many years ago they had registered offices in the UK, but their EU arm were forced to move to Luxembourg when the FSA cancelled their registration due to their policies not set to protect buyers (ie. you can set up a PP account and then a website offering downloadable items, but infact you have no downloadable products, but you take money for these, but a buyer will get no help or refund from PP) so in a way they are aiding scammers.

the main issue we get with PP is they have a habit of cancelling subscriptions without any notice without instructions from us or our clients and when i call them i am told it must be a clitch in the system and wont happen again ( well that is until it happens again) and then they tell you the same thing.
we stopped offering PP subs due to this issue and decided we will use the Billing Agreements method, but needed to get Reference Transactions enabled on our account, but then told you need to upgrade to Paypal Pro for this and that is 20 a month. well that is wrong after i spoke to several companies that use this method, but PP would have none of this, so i simple followed what other stated and signed up with Braintree a PP company and this gives your Reference Transactions on your PP account when you click the option to enable PP
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