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Originally Posted by HostLeet View Post
So they did say your account was sending spam?? (the plot thickens lol)

Even if you personally didn't send spam but your account was somehow compromised due to a poor script or poor security practices, then I see nothing wrong with the host taking action to prevent further abuse, and you shouldn't either.
I would agree with that, they're just keeping up on security and it helps me also. I do tend to be very precise in my thinking but over the years I have learned to listen to others who have sound reasoning.

This happened on an interactive site and the original information I received from the provider was that the account contained some malicious contents that were used to send out spam mails.

So I don't know if something was compromised. I know that software such as Joomla is often a magnet for crackers and spam bots. Even on a wordpress site I have when I allowed registrations the site got cracked often and I had a mess to clean up each time. So I discontinued registrations and that solved the problems. Sometimes it's not the main program itself that is flawed it is the addons used with it.
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