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Originally Posted by SenseiSteve View Post
I don't know about today, but I do know sales reps in data centers in St. Louis five years ago were making 36-42K per month plus 20% commission and that did not include answering any support tickets.
Originally Posted by SolaDrive
$40k per a month plus 20% commission?! That's almost a half million dollars a year, more than most CEO's of datacenters. How is that even possible, the datacenter/host must be paying a ton out of pocket let alone make any money?
With a 20% commission, I"m guessing the base salary was 36-42K per year rather than per month.

Although that said, there is definitely potential for making up to 40k per month. You have to remember, these are datacenter sales people. They're selling racks, and equipment, and installation service, and monitoring etc.

Take a standard 42U rack, lets say you put in 30 machines at $2k each (purchased), that's $60k + bandwidth + support. So on the first month, it could easily hit 100K in onboarding costs!

Then you have someone like my old company where we were $50k/month in server rental fees. If the agent is at 20% commission, then they're getting $10k/month just on ME, and I wasn't their only sale!
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