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I used to use WHMCS until it got cracked and messed everything up. I didn't have backups to restore it, live and learn right? I really liked the software, very impressive and I liked what it did. But my knee jerk reaction was to stop paying WHMCS and get free software. But I'm not happy with my current software. I like the fact that it is free, but it's harder for clients. Am I being too much of a tight wad?

Lately I've been thinking of getting WHMCS again. It has the knowledge base and just about everything you need in it. I would just have to make sure I run daily backups I think. The thang is, I've had so much regrets about using popular software because it has been cracked so much I wonder if it's worth the effort. When I use free software nothing bad happens. The best I can surmise is that these crackers are after credit card information, ways to steal money through digital means.

I like to have the best for my clients, but I am a low energy person and it just floors me when something good is destroyed so quickly after putting in so much time and hard work. Is my attitude wrong? Should I take on a different perspective?
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