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Originally Posted by webling View Post
I did order a license for WHMCS today and I'm just waiting for them to give that to me as well as answer my support ticket. They don't seem to be real quick in delivering the new license. I have no problem installing the software. I have considered other alternatives but they didn't have the look, feel or functionality that WHMCS offers. I am working on security however and better server configuration, secure passwords, etc. So hopefully it will work out this time. I'm not rushing into it but working on things more thoroughly so I can set it up with the best security available.

When I used it the first time that's when I was getting more customers. So even though it carries a hefty price tag it may be worth the expense and effort of using it. I am also focusing on doing more regular backups as well as anything I can do to secure the site it will run on.

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you ticket may be slow to reply as they just released version 7.2.1
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