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Originally Posted by FibreHost View Post
I'm currently using WHMCS as i purchased the owned licence in like 2013 or something. But having to constantly purchase for updates and support i feel is wrong when i paid a lot to have it owned... I feel like there would be a better software like Clientexec to use compared to WHMCS but I'm not sure. whats everyone's opinion?
I've been using PHPcoin which isn't too bad and it's free. But I do miss WHMCS and I recently purchased a license for it and will soon be configuring it on the server. My customers were having trouble with PHPcoin when ordering domains and understandably so. It was hard to set up the area to even sell domains, it's all lumped into the same area with the plans. One customer ordered the same domain like 5 times since he was having trouble. So I emailed him and told him I'd just send him an invoice through paypal for the domain and go ahead and register it for him once the payment came through. Then I just deleted his multiple orders from PHPcoin.

I know that back when I used WHMCS I was getting more customers. So there is something to be said for good software. Even though it holds a rather hefty price tag, it's gotten popular because it's high in demand, which means it's good.
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