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Originally Posted by James-A View Post
As far as engaging the audience goes Instagram could turn out to be a good option, but I highly even doubt you can expect sales from a platform like Instagram. You should try to study your competitor pages and see if you can get an idea about the same.
Instagram could turn out to be a good option, just not for web hosting. As any PR/social media management professional would tell you, it isn't enough to just have a channel and even post things from time to time, you need to know what and how and when to post it. It is your content that would make your audience engage and if it is plain pictures of your DC rack or servers, unfortunately, that's not compelling enough.

It is hard enough to make the content exciting for this industry. To make Instagram channel work (effective in bringing sales) is nearly impossible. If fashion/lifestyle/beauty bloggers or brands mostly struggle to convert posts into sales, you can't expect to sell web hosting via this medium.

In my view, you are better off spending all that energy, time and effort somewhere else.