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Originally Posted by easyhostmedia View Post
I agree, just need to look on eBay and you see many unlimited everything reseller plans $2 to $5 a year, these may sell, but wont give any support or the host has no value to their service or time, so when anything goes wrong they just pack up and do a runner. You will see these increase when school summer holidays start and then decrease when the holidays are over.

They simply buy a master reseller plan and then list on eBay having no idea what they are doing
I've seen those sort of offerings and I don't trust them. One reason is that they are obviously over selling. And I mean way over selling. Which means your website will be slow and bandwidth on such a network will be horrible.

Just recently I was in the store looking for a magnifying glass. I found a good size one for only a dollar. But when I looked at it, it was very poorly made so I didn't buy it. I was in another store sometime after that and found one for five dollars. It had a light on it and was very well made. I bought the one for 5 dollars.

In my experience with cheap, that's exactly what it is - c h e a p. It is flawed in many ways. Things that cost more and worth their dollar amount hold more value and give you more satisfaction.
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