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Originally Posted by Sevencomet View Post
Paypal is the leading industry in online payment processing and pretty much still has a limited control over charge backs. At time Paypal should be at fault as they do not take the necessary steps to monitor transactions. Why is that a fraudster with a static ip address can create another paypal account and de fraud someone else or use the same ip address to hack another account. We understand the fundamental issue is that we can't know who is behind a computer but why is there any communication between clients->bank->payal before a transaction is completed. Why is there not a transaction code or approval each level to reduce chargebacks. @easyhostmedia i am happy that you have been successful in skillful get a charge back null but not all evidence can assist with the chargebacks where customer lies. I used ID verfication, phone caells, TOS and everything under the sun but still can't win a chargeback as this how the cc system is online.
you need to understand how paypal is set up and then understand your own countries Laws, which will over ride anything paypal has written

But Paypals Non Tangible policy aid scammers as anyone can set up a paypal account and then set up a website and state they offer downloadable products, so you order a download product, but get nothing, so dispute in PP and all you will get is sorry cant help as it is non tangible.
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