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As very decent alternative, you may check ClientExec for your hosting billing and orders system. It has indeed a very good range of features / plugins and my self after using WHMCS and moving to ClientExec later on, I really appreciate their development and support. Check out their features list, I bet you will find everything you need and even beyond. The interface in the latest releases is truly awesome and very easy to navigate, find whatever you need. Client side done in a very neat way as well, overall both the software and support satisfying in my case. Besides the direct free support from their team, CE also got decent community on slack network where both users and CE Developers helping each other in making it even better. Ofc, don't count on my words only, go ahead, check the demo, read the features list, run your due diligence and figure out if that's for you.

P.S.: WHMCS is indeed very good solution, it is truly incredible software in terms of how complete it is for everything one hosting firm needs, but as alternative, I believe ClientExec is there at the top with WHMCS, can't think of other hosting/billing system with the ease and a solid interface as this two got.

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