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Well it has sence only if you are really don't want to mess with administration,VPS licence is not expensive...I would preffer always server+license,even when it comes to dedicated servers license is not expensive and most providers offer it really cheap as server addon,for example our complete dedicated servers offer include cPanel+softaculous or fantastico+rv skin + cloudlinux or Plesk package(licence+softaculous+some other stuff) short you get dedicated server with all above preinstalled and configured + multi php selector,attracta,cloud flare..etc...and as I see almost all other providers offer the same or similar options.At the end you just have to maintain that server...if something happen you can't deal or you need install new feature on server you can always pay for menagment one hour or more.But I understand that there are people who don't want to mess with administration or they are strating business and want reseller solution till they collect some users and also some experience.What I can see from my experiece is that less and less people are buying reseller plans...and from all plans we sell,almost in 95% it is not master reseller.I'm not sure is same situation with other providers but in our case master reseller packages are very rare,mostly people buy reseller package and after some time they move to own server...simple jump over master reseller..

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