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Originally Posted by SkyNetHosting View Post
Managing server with 500-1000 cPanel accounts won't be as simple as managing a server with handful of clients, specially when you run it with master reseller plans with high end hardware that end up hosting few thousand clients.
If they reach 500-1000 cpanel accounts than they can pay for admin if they can't do it by them self...having reseller account,doesn't metter is it master or normal reseller,is always ment(at least should be for everyone) to be temp. solution not permament,reseller account is always risk,even if you select most trusted provider,not to mention limited privilegs and no server control.In my opinion it is good solution to start with,collect some users,and after company rech some level where they can afford own infrastucture..well they should go for.
I don't have anything against reseller accounts,we are selling both,regular and master,but I don't see it as anything more than temp. solution for starups.
When it comes to maintin own server,We have dual intel xeon 64 GB Ram for both cPanel and Plesk in EU,US east and US west,...yes it is not same as maintain some VPS with 30-40 accounts but also not so not so different,there is more work...24h monitoring but nothing to worry with good admin.
Like I say at that point when company reach that level it can afford itself to pay admins to maintain infrastucture.
At the end they will have to do it any way...doesn't metter do they know how to do it ,at some point simple there is too many work and you need some help. my opinion reseller accounts are good for strat with,after some point every hosting company should go for own infrastucture...and at the end how company growth, it will need more space to expand and reseller account will be wall for them.
And it is not only privilegs and server control,it is also metter of brand,reseller accounts almost have no control over third party plugins..external stores,no metter how you mask true server owner you can always find who owns server...well like I say reseller account is good for starting some point all companies hit the wall with it..and at the end it should be like that,it natural for company to growth and expand.
If someone goal is to sell shared hosting forewer without expanding and learning than Ok,it is their point is that every company after some time can afford itself admin and own server,now will they do is up to them.
I respect the fact that there are many hostmasters who just don't want to mess with infrastucture and reseller account is good for them.

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