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When I started my company I wrote my own in Perl CGI. It took me about 40 hours to write a script that would handle client orders. I knew nothing about software that I could buy. Even though I had used Plesk awhile back when I hosted my sites before having my own server, I hadn't thought about that. So I had this amazing script (It wasn't half bad and worked flawlessly) but I wasn't getting customers. So even though I felt good about the program I produced, visitors to my site saw it differently because they weren't buying hosting plans. And I have some pretty good plans.

I've used both Plesk and cPanel and have tried the DirectAdmin demo. They are all good. After getting rid of the one I wrote, the first one I used was Plesk because I had learned that well. Later I learned about cPanel and was frustrated a bit having to learn new software. So I added a server with cPanel and suddenly began getting orders. I found it is the most popular and once I learned it myself liked it better than Plesk even though Plesk is still a top choice.

I learned that in this business it's important to make it as easy for the client and give them the most you can. In my experience, cPanel does that best.
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