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I picked up a new flash drive recently since my external hard drive is too big for mobility and the travel drive that I bought 10 years back doesn't hold much, it's only a half a Gig. I was surprised when I started looking at these new flash drives which are the same size as my travel drive but hold a LOT more data. The one I got holds 32GB. Since I bought an Android 2in1 laptop for mobile purposes I needed an external drive that stores my passwords, websites, etc. so I can use it on multiple computers and I can keep it all in one place.

I imagine the flash drive is sort of like an SSD. I'm trying to find out if my Android laptop has SSD or HDD however, I couldn't find it in the specs. I noticed it is totally quiet when I use it so if it isn't SSD or HDD it wouldn't surprise me if it's a flash drive. It's only 32GB so my external flash drive is just as big. So it gives me quite a bit of space.
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