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Originally Posted by xtm_mike View Post
If they raised the prices across the board they would have likely lost me as a customer. I don't have anywhere near 250 customers and we're only just breaking even.

I'm quite happy with the tier system. The more clients I have, the more valuable the software is to me, the more I am willing to pay.
They have not. They have introduced a tier based pricing system as follows;

Up to 250 Clients $15.95/mo (Branded)
Up to 250 Clients $18.95/mo (No Branding)
Up to 1000 Clients $24.95/mo (No Branding)
Over 1000 Clients $39.95/mo (No Branding)

For WHMCS resellers with unlimited license their bulk discounted prices remain same while all their unlimited license were converted to 250 Clients $15.95/mo Branded license.
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