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Originally Posted by robert4u View Post
Well personally I believe it does not matter a company is large or small, the thing what matter is how the owner is involved. In many cases when the company start getting clients, the owners interest shift to earn money. Now when the owner only care about money he will not value standard or quality.
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Originally Posted by robert4u View Post
So I will say look for a company who really care about customer and quality.

With many of the existing companies we all bad one point years ago, they were the greatest companies on the planet. Service was top had issues resolved within minutes...and the owner would interact with customers through any form of communication to keep the customers happy. A perfect world.

Then, at some point down the road, the owner may want out and sells the company. Everything that was loved...gone. Service that was exceptional...gone. Websites, emails, files...issues, lost, etc.

It's a real hit or miss since no one knows who the next company will be to sell out. I have only seen a few cases where a company that was sold actually improved. The customers ended up with better Servers, better support, and access to a better overall improvement from a host that already had great elements behind it.
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