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Originally Posted by wsac View Post
Three's Company
Classic. They don't make shows like this anymore.

Originally Posted by easyhostmedia View Post
Little House on the Prairie
Star Trek
The Beverly Hillbillies
LOL, with age comes wisdom.

I got into Hillbillies when my Mom watched it. Always funny. Star Trek...for me it was Next Generation. Some how I just never got into the original when I was younger, but have more respect for it now. RIP Mr. Nimoy.

My list would be huge, between Sanford and Son to Jeffersons...A-Team to Knight Rider to Dukes...the 80's had amazing shows.

But from all lists, Transformers. 30 years later and still a fan. I won't get into the recent movies. Fun to watch, but zero intelligent story lines. The original 1986 movie had about 6 stories that merge together perfectly. The new ones struggle to tell 1.5 of a story.