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Originally Posted by OffshoreDdcated View Post
Its an old thread but it interests me.
I have seen many Onshore companies limiting their IPs to maximum of 3 IPs per server only. DO they provide more IPs when asked in personal.
Normally when client requests extra IPs, depending on the client and time spent with that client, we use to ask the reason for these extra IPs. Tell them about our company's TOS and that their server will be suspended immediately in case of misuse.
I think huge number of Hosting companies do limit the number of IPs they provide to a single server. I have seen multiple providers limiting their IPs to maximum of 3 or 5 IPs per server.
depends on company. I have 12 IPv4 IPs on my main server and only have 4 currently unused.
Most set up before SNI become available and when an SSL needed a dedicated IP.
I am from the old school and still prefer an SSL to use a Dedicated IP.
But now with SNI I am finding a lot of VPS providers only giving out 1 IP and then charged upto $5 for additional IPs.
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