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Originally Posted by noderickstechno View Post

One of our staffs had created a separate individual account on WHT from our office IP on his machine. WHT has mistook this incident to as creation of duplicate accounts from same IP.
Yes like a lot of forums and online accounts they use IP addresses in anti fraud measures, so would have picked up the same IP as being your business IP and the IP for your suspended account.

To them it was a duplicate account as the same details were used, so emailing/calling them will just fall of deaf ears.

when i even provided evidence that the other party was the one to blame as being the abuser and even provided them with evidence of fake reports this person made against me and my company on other forums and review site, they just ignored me.
I had even bought a company out who had a WHT account and i was given the details to use that WHT account. i posted 1 reply using that account (never used my name or changed any details in the accounts profile) but that account got suspended and i got a reply saying i was a banned member and should not have set up this account.
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