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Hello Everybody,

Today in my world i can say i feel comfortable in my current status in the hosting world. Back in Dec 2016 i was with WiredTree and found out they had sold their company to a competitor i did not want to do business with. So i closed my VPS and started searching for a new host. I finally settled on HawkHost and am very pleased with their services.

Right now i am going to concentrate on my personal sites, and maybe down the line get back into the money side of hosting. Although i have not posted in a while, i have been reading the posts here at least a couple times a week. Just want to say thanks to all the members that ask and answer questions here. I find that members at this particular forum have actual conversations and rarely do i see trolling.

Anyways just want to say it feels good to be back in a server. Hope all you are having a great day.
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