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I know I've been inactive lately, as mentioned in my last thread. What I said back then still stands, and I still don't see myself becoming active on these boards any time soon.

However, I just wanted to come back for a bit and say hi. I've met a few friends on here, some of which I am still in contact with today. So I owe it to those I lost contact with to basically give them an update on me, my life, and everything else that's been going on, in the hopes that the right people will see this and say hello right on back.

1. To start off, my hosting is still a thing. I've made some policy changes since starting it out five years ago, but for the most part, my goal of providing a service with no quota limit is holding true. I know a fair number of people in the hosting community hate unlimited hosting, but for me personally it represents freedom. Limits can drive up additional stress, and for an average consumer that just wants to host a blog about their pet cat, unlimited is a far more stress free option.

2. Speaking of cats. My old cat Callisto isn't with me anymore. She was a very good cat, and dare I say it, a very good friend. Now she's chasing catnip balls in the stars.

3. I've personally gotten back into journalism, and recently acquired one of the oldest video game news sites in the world. It's been a fun venture so far, and I hope to see the site grow even more as I keep moving forward with it.

4. I'm also now running one of the largest gaming leagues (for a certain game) in North America. This league has been super fun, but also super stressful. It'll be worth it in the end though, especially since esports are growing in popularity year after year.

5. Back to my hosting. I've mostly been letting it coast for the last year and a half, as I've had very little money for marketing, so my current clientbase hasn't really increased at all. Pretty much all of my money is going to other investments, such as my league, and now the news site. Once I get my other investments in order, I may end up acquiring another hosting provider, and incorporate their clients into my network. In all honesty, I probably should have focused on my hosting instead of acquiring this gaming news site. My investment into the news site was more as a marketing thing, as I figured if I owned and controlled the media, I can advertise my own stuff internally. Greedy, right? Haha.

Anyway, I suppose that's pretty much it. No idea if anybody on here remembers me, or if the people I'm posting this for will ever get to see it. But if you do? Well, I hope everything has been working out for you.

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