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Originally Posted by Artashes View Post
Oh hey Tyler,

It certainly been a while, but I am glad you giving us all an update. I am sorry you lost your cat. I have a furry friend myself and can't even imagine that one day she won't be with me any more.

On a positive note, it's good that you are still involved in the business, in spite of it not growing as quickly as you would have preferred. It is a tough gig, but the one that requires 24/7 hands-on action. The news sites probably took too much of your attention away, so I think it's normal to expect a slowdown in sales.

Anyway, I don't know how long you'd be around, but I'm just glad to see an old face around.
Hey Art, thanks for the warm welcome!

Yeah, I miss my little furry thing quite a bit. She lived a long and happy life, which I suppose is good. Though I can't help but miss her all the same.

Another cat was given to us by my uncle about a week after Callisto passed. This new cat is... not fun. She's literally sexist, and hates anything and everything with male genitalia. Not even joking. If you're a guy, she'll fear ya. Considering as how I have that stuff between my legs, she and I don't get along very well. Or at all. Seriously, that cat is a jerk!

Anyway, my hosting stuff is still a very big part of my life, and I am actively engaging with my clients. I'm just not really seeking out new clients. I've been relying on word of mouth since 2012, and considering as how I maintain a 100% satisfaction rating from everyone, word of mouth has been relatively successful. However, things have definitely slowed down quite a bit. I'd love to bring in more clients, but don't have the money or time to properly run any kind of marketing campaigns. So for now, I'm just sitting back and letting things slowly move along.

Thankfully though, my clients think pretty highly of me and my services, so as long as they have a need for me, I will continue to give them website hosting. I actually had somebody thank me, and say he wouldn't know what to do without my hosting. Such a simple message like that was more than enough motivation to keep this going for as long as I am needed. I'll try to give more attention to it moving forward, and may launch a small marketing thing on Facebook or something.

It's been four years of excellent service. Please stay in business forever. I honestly don't know where else I'd find a company better than yours!
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