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Originally Posted by paulmahony View Post
If you are asking if it has any negative effects, - then no

Since CF essentially speeds up the website, the rankings could only get better due to the increased website speed optimisation.
Like i explained the speed benefits are really only relevant to people with a heavy website due to multiple HTTP requests and not file size necessarily to these the speed increase may be beneficial ..

However on another not i have read a study that shows no correlation between dom loading time and ranking it does interestingly show one with time to first byte and ranking. This is why i opted cf. Its still very much plausible that in some rare cases cf can cause negative seo impact however ive seen it tested it , and read about it, it does seem extremely rare though , and nobody seems to know what the cause is.

The benefits from cf for me where almost nothing speed or ttfb wise , so i changed nothing by returning to my original name server except regaining rankings .
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