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SEO Optimized cPanel Web Hosting - all plans include these advanced features:
  • All-new Unlimited SSD RAID-10 disk space on all cPanel SEO Web Hosting plans!
  • All-new Un-Metered 1000 Mbit GigE Bandwidth on all cPanel SEO Web Hosting plans!
  • cPanel Web Hosting Automation Control System with latest Apache, PHP and MySQL
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (CENTOS) Operating System with Apache 2.4 Web Server
  • GREEN Hosting - Solar Powered Datacenter, host responsibly!
  • Secure Enterprise Grade Dell PowerEdge Servers - 24+ CPU Cores, 32GB+ Ram, SSD RAID-10 Disk Systems
  • Dual Intel Xeon Hexa-Core CPU's with Hyper-Threading = 24+ CPU Cores!
  • 32GB DDR3 Ram (FAST!) - some servers with 64GB+ or 128GB+!
  • RAID-10 Data Protection with Ultra Fast 6 GB/s SSD Disks
  • Multiple Dedicated Unique IP Addresses
  • Unlimited domains, sub-domains, and accounts!
  • cPanel control panel with WHM (Web Host Manager) to Manage all your Accounts
  • Private Label and Custom Name Servers ( across ALL your unique IPs
  • 100's of Unique Dedicated IP (IPv4) Addresses available (30 on SEO III plan, 20 on the SEO II plan, and 10 on the SEO I plan)
  • All IP's are non-shared - only used and owned fully by you and only you
  • Each Unique Dedicated IP is provided across a unique class A, B or C Address Range
  • No duplicate IP's, no overlapping IPs - fully dedicated IPs only to you!
  • FREE SHA-256 2048 Bit SSL OneClick Instant 1-Year Certificate included (limit 1 per client, valid 1 year)
  • Bulk Discount on additional OneClick Instant SSL 1-Year Certificates @ $15 each
  • IPv6 Address Included for EVERY web site at no cost
  • Softaculous Pro Application and Script Autoinstaller (better than Fantastico!)
  • WHMXtra for cPanel
  • Web-enabled File Manager
  • PHP 5.6 + suEXEC + mod_ruid2 + Apache JailShell
  • Software packages included: Zend OPCache, Zend Guard, IonCube, MySQL, 5, CGI/Perl 5, Ruby on Rails, Python, Pear, CURL, GD, ImageMagick, more!)
  • Perl, CGI, Server Side Includes, Python
  • Online Webmail (Horde Webmail)
  • Unlimited Email Accounts : POP, IMAP, SSL-POP, SSL-IMAP
  • Unlimited Email Aliases, POP and IMAP
  • Automatic Email Virus Protection
  • User-level and system-wide Spam Protection
  • FTP Publishing, Web Publishing - and more!
  • RVSitebuilder Pro w/1000+ web site templates
  • Web SiteBuilder and Website Building Tools
  • Attracta built-in SEO tools and Website Auto Promotion Tools
  • CloudFlare Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) - Optimized Hosting, Delivery and Security
  • R1Soft Continuous Data Protection Server Wide (Remote Backups and Off Site Backups)
  • R1Soft Backup cPanel user module (customers can restore their own backups!)
  • 100% Network Uptime Guarantee
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 24 x 7 Support via Phone, Email, Help Desk and our Live Help Chat
  • Free data migration from your old host to our servers
  • Massive Web Supported Application Catalog for Auto Installation including:
    • WordPress
    • Joomla
    • Drupal
    • Magento
    • Zen Cart
    • Much more++!

FREE IPv6 Addresses : All web hosting plans provide native IPv6 addressing, along with the more popular IPv4 Address(es) are already included on your account. This means your applications and web sites will be ultra fast and directly reachable to anyone on the Internet using both the traditional IPv4 addresses as well as the new expansion into the IPv6 Addressed Internet. You don't need to do anything different, we simply make your web hosting future proof here at TurnKey - and you are IPv6 enabled when you host with us!

SEO Dedicated and Semi-Dedicated Servers
  • Powered by cPanel with WHM (Web Host Manager) on Apache 2.4 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (CENTOS)
  • Web Site Accounts: unlimited with unlimited Domains and Sub-Domains
  • IPs: 80 Unique Dedicated IPs (all unique spread across 80 Unique Class A, B and C ranges)
  • Hosted on your own Server with up to 24 CPU Cores and 32 GB Ram Dedicated to you
  • 500GB RAID-10 SSD Disk (dedicated to you)
  • Un-Metered Dedicated Gigabit Network
  • Full root access - Fully Managed Support
  • Customized solutions available
See for more details

ALERT! IP addresses in their current form are quickly running out! The Internet's governing authorities have no more IPv4 to provision to Internet companies. IPv4 addresses are depleted, hosting companies have stopped giving them out, and the few that still have them are doubling and tripling prices every month! Lock in your IPv4 SEO Hosting Professional cPanel Package with TURNKEY today, before IPv4 is GONE FOREVER!

Your websites load at blazing fast speeds because our servers utilize the latest, state-of-the-art Samsung SSD disks, LSI RAID technology and cutting edge Multi-Core processor technology from Intel. Our cPanel web hosting servers offer a staggering boost in input/output operations per second (IOPS) to make sure you have the fastest loading web pages to further boost your SEO rankings and SEO performance.

TurnKey's ultra-fast SEO Optimized cPanel Web Hosting is ideal for professional webmasters, businesses and SEO professionals that host many web sites. Our cPanel web hosting servers are securely deployed with the latest Apache 2.4 with PHP 5.x Web Server software, coupled with the latest and fastest MySQL database systems. The servers are optimized for the most popular software programs such as Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress to give lightning quick page response times - which further help SEO rankings.

Web Hosting is as much about performance as it is about trust - TurnKey Internet has been a leader in the industry for 10+ Years offering a wide range of web hosting platforms to choose from, including the most secure Linux cPanel web hosting and Microsoft Windows web hosting.

Our web hosting plans are hosted on our company-owned and operated SSAE-16 Type 2 Certified, ENERGY STAR certified, green data center in New York’s Tech Valley Region. We are experts in the cloud hosting and data center space, and are here to support you for any and all of your web hosting needs. Don't just take our word for it - view these Verified Client Testimonials and our 5-star, perfect rating from Shopper Approved.

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