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Sharktech Inc. has recently launched an initiative for massive network improvements in all four Sharktech POPs, Amsterdam, Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles. In addition to router upgrades in all locations, Sharktech has now added Noction Intelligent Routing Platform. Noction enhances Sharktech's connectivity by intelligently selecting the best route from all transit providers. With this intelligent routing, Sharktech can reduce latency, packet loss, and jitter.

Traditional BGP simply routes Internet traffic by selecting the route with the fewest AS hops, even if that involves going over a congested connection somewhere during the route. With Noction, routes are selected on performance rather than distance, ensuring the best possible performance. Michael Gazzerro, Director of Sales and Marketing for Sharktech, commented "For those who are less technical, Noction works a little like Google Maps when it sees traffic ahead and suggests you take a faster but longer route."

Sharktech has been selected by Noction for a case study in network performance and is already seeing a tremendous reduction in latency as well as a dramatic increase in bandwidth utilizaiton by clients.

For more information please visit

About Sharktech

Sharktech provides secure cyberspace with unique in-line and cloud-based DDoS protection technology. Sharktech’s DDoS protection comes standard with all hosted services—up to 40 Gbps and upgradeable to 100 Gbps—and can be applied remotely to protect any internet service, anywhere.
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Mike Gazzerro
Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Amsterdam
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