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Hey folks,

I'm new here. I'm a 31 year old web designer living in Canada. I recently got into fiddling around with raspberry pi and read that it's possible to use these for vps/dedicated servers. Side note, if this is possible I would use the pi for personal use only, not for hosting or anything like that.

So to begin, I really don't know anything about vps or dedicated servers. My websites are all hosted in a shared environment where I require very little technical background if an incident should occur. (Such as if my website goes down.) I basically just update my websites, take a regular backup, and nothing more.

I have experience in coding websites but I know absolutely nothing about vps/dedicated servers and server management. I would like to change that.

This is where you guys come in. I need someone to really educate me on vps/dedicated servers, how to use them, how to set them up, etc.. Basically all the ins and outs that I could possibly need to know. And of course, if you think the raspberry pi would be best used as a vps or dedicated server.

If any of you can help me with this I would be forever grateful. Thank you.