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Originally Posted by Harv45 View Post
Here is my final say on it.

Prorate it, simple and works for both parties.



Gives them a peace of mind that the server won't go into flames. Given that they can just fire their provider at any time and anywhere.

Gives you a peace of mind that for every day that you provides a working service and ensure that the customers are happy you got a pay day. Failing that you only lost what you didn't even delivered yet.

Fair for both parties and even gives the customer a slight "edge" given the nature of such a policy.
You have no idea how and what Prorate is.

Why you prorate a payment all it means is the payment is due on a specific date of the month (which you set), so say you set payments for 1st of the month and a client signs up on 20th of month why will end up paying from 20th to 1st and then the whole of the following month in 1 payment, and your MBG period would still apply
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