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Originally Posted by MikeDVB View Post
The biggest issues are a) charging enough that you are profitable and b) being able to scale your storage up as you need it.

I mean if 95% of your users are going to use 100g+ of storage - that's fine if you're charging ~$200/year+ per client. If 95% of your clients are going to use 5G or less then $10~20/year is feasible. That said neither of these sets of numbers really account for the rest of the operating costs [ support, bandwidth, power, hardware, leasing, etc ]. This is assuming you aren't limited to 4, 8, or 12 drives in the server hosting all of these customers.
but the issue is that if you offer unlimited plan for $200 a year then technically a single user could take that and use up all your servers resources which may cost you in excess of $1000 a year.

most users these days wont take up more than 5GB, even my main site only take up 1,500MB
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