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Originally Posted by MikeDVB View Post
That's a bit generic. I'd argue that most quality providers are willing and ready to make changes. That said changing basically the entire platform is not a small change and not something that most providers are prepared for.

I mean let's say cPanel disappeared tomorrow - what would providers do? Do you think cPanel providers are prepared to change to another panel? I'd venture to argue that most haven't even considered it.

It's always good to try and plan for everything even things you don't think could happen but there is a point where you're spending energy planning things that are so unlikely to happen that you could better spend that energy in other ways.
Although unlikely it still a change that a provider has to undergo. If they wish to remain in the active market.

So if Cpanel takes a dump tomorrow, well that means providers whose are ready and willing to venture and put a change in place are the ones that will be able to withstand such.

It's just one of the risk factor that a provider has to consider.
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