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Hello Hosting Discussion!

I am Jumpstart, owner of Jumpstart Webhosting Solutions. Well, first off, I opted to sign up here to learn more about Webhosting and how one can earn from this business. I intend to make this Webhosting business of mine as a sideline to my morning work. But if this business does fly, who knows?

I also intend to interact with fellow Webhost owners here and learn from their experiences (both good and bad)

So i think my first question would be, "How do you advertise or spread the word about your Webhosting business?" I already established my site, ( and now i am at a loss at how to advertise this business of mine.

I opted for the free Reselllerspanel account of I read that some are quite successful in their business with Resellerspanel and I intend to learn from these people.

Any tips would be of great help!

i look forward to interacting with you guys.

Thank you very much!