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Originally Posted by SpdyHost View Post
I'm sorry to hear you had this sort of experience. Do you mind sharing what they quoted you and what you planned on using a dedicated server for? When I contacted their Pre-Sales, I was already with another provider and knew what I was looking for in terms of specs. I wasn't willing to pay more than what I was already paying for with my existing provider at that time. When I explained that in the beginning, they never gave me hassle or push back during our discussion via email. Matter of fact, I got a personal email from one of the higher-ups congratulating me on becoming a customer of theirs and said that it is rare to see specs like mine get approved at such a low price.
Thank you for sharing my feelings regarding this and absolutely.

Basically I was seeking to get on board with their full management plus minimal IntraCloud solution. Except I had questions about switching it onto SSDs and such. So when the pre sale person asked me what I required I said...
I am looking to start minimally on 1 CPU core, 3/4GB of RAM, 15GB SSD space, and Cpanel.

Instead of that they quoted me for 4GB of RAM and explained to me that I would "better off" on a dedicated server for $99/month.

Again I felt like I was being up sold.