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Originally Posted by easyhostmedia View Post
Howe many years as according to your website you are only 16 years old and by some of your posts on other threads you have very little knowledge of the industry
Please disclose a specific post, I've been in the industry since Summer 2014 and I've been through many levels of service including set price resellers, free resellers, sponsored resellers, paid resellers and I'm currently entering looking into provisioning some services through a control panel software called CyberPanel on a VPS.

All information I post is based on my experience working at, owning and selling hosting providers over the years, in addition to being a customer for multiple years at shared hosts.

A web hosting service I recently sold had dozens of 5 Star ratings, and it existed for only 12 months, 6 of which collected the reviews.

I may not have being in the industry as long as you, or some others. However, I know using a set price wholesale reseller or free reseller is a very easy way to get clients to dislike your service (I learned that back in my first year). Although resellers aren't ideal, they are much better than some of the cheaper alternatives.

You have always got my contact details if you ever want to discuss specific issues.
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